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       letou国际备用路线|中文官网 - 让生活更简单地处江苏省江阴市徐霞客镇,交通发达,物流繁荣。
       letou国际备用路线 产品多样化,规格齐全。目前是华东地区金属、塑料管件专业性生产基地,销售网络覆盖全国。公司拥有配备齐全的安装设备专业施工服务队伍,并提供研发、生产、技术、安装以及专业领域相关的咨询服务。
       letou国际备用路线 本着以“诚实有信,质量为本,客户至上,精益求精”为公司宗旨,重信用、守合同,交货及时,多年来深受客户好评。我们将一如既往的把为新老客户提供周到的服务作为己任,竭诚欢迎广大客户咨询和洽谈合作业务!
Jiangsu Yun Lian Plastic Pipe Co., Ltd. is located in the town of Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, Xu Xiake Town, traffic developed, logistics prosperity.
Our products with PE electric melting pipe, electric melting sleeve, electric melting flange, electric melting caps, electric melting 90 degree elbow, electric melting 45 degree elbow, fused and tree, fused different tree, fused different diameter, with its special anticorrosive, wear-resisting, withstand high temperatures, cold resistance, pressure resistance, resistance to creep, good stability, convenient installation characteristics, and gradually replace all types of metal pipe and plastic pipe fittings, is widely used in fire, oil, chemical industry, water supply, mining, water  transportation and other fields.
Cloud linked product diversification, complete specifications. East China is currently the largest professional production base, sales network covering the whole country. The company has equipped with a full range of professional construction and installation services, and provide R&D, production, technology, installation and professional fields related advisory services.
Company to "integrity, quality, efficiency, innovation and development" as the spirit of enterprise, with strong technical strength. Continuous innovation, to provide customers with quality products and efficient service.
In the spirit of "honesty and credibility, quality first, customer first, excellence" for the purpose of the company, credit, keep the contract, delivery in time, so that customers get the greatest benefits, over the years by customers. We will, as always, will provide quality service for new and old customers as our responsibility, we sincerely welcome customers to consult and discuss business cooperation!
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